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March 24, 2006 - An article on PMTH NEWS, From PMTH to PMTH2, Social Construction entering the Dialogue: A Book Review, Overview of the PMTH2 class project, Interviewing Roberts, Roberts Experience of the PMTH2 interview, Vicki Douds Study: Do We Need Social Connection to Learn, A Postmodern Therapy Class: Lynn Hoffman's Account, A Third Possibility (trapped in Aristotle's Excluded Middle), PMTH Conference in Oakland, The PMTH Conference according to Joe Pfeffer, The Conference according to Karin Taverniers, Conferences on Postmodern Therapy, Judy's Puppy, What is PMTH Talking about Today?

Jan 01, 2005 - An article on PMTH NEWS title PMTH NEWS, numerous articles reporting on a new course that was taught by PMTH instructors in conjunction with Massey University's Virtual Faculty,  including: PMTH as a Textbook, PMTH as Graduate Student Instruction, We Call it PMTH2, Who was Involved in this Course, PMTH2?, Interview with Andy Locke, What the Teachers Said about the Experience of the Course, Course Assignments, Postmodern Therapy (an article by Windy Williams, a student in the course),  Assignment Two Interview (a description of the assignment), Reflections, Karin Taveriers' Perspective (an article by Mark Murphy, a student in the course), Karin Taveriers's own reflections on being interviewed in the course, A Third Assignment, Lois Shawver's reflections on the PMTH 2 Course, What is PMTH?

Jan 01, 2003 - Our International Crisis, Karen Armstrong and Her Story about Islam, Islam according to Stephen Schwartz, Akbar Ahmed and his Postmodern Islam, Commentary on Armstrong, Schwartz and Ahmed, Postmodern Fictions, The Death of Authority, Returning to our Postmodern Predicament, Seminar with Lois Shawver, An Honor for PMTH Host Lois Shawver, Our Sister Publications

Nov 10, 2002 - Our Discussion of Pomo Related Philosophers, Who is Merleau-Ponty?,  Who is Levinas?, Who is Wittgenstein?, What about Derrida?, Who is Lyotard?, An Honor for PMTH Host Lois Shawver (by Lois Holzman), Our Pomo Games, Merleau-Ponty and Creative Speech, Conversations about Levinas, Overcoming Plato, Our Quote of the Day, What Will Happen Next on PMTH?, Our Appreciations and Doubts about the Application of Postmodern Philosophy to Therapy, Our Sister Publications,

June 30, 2002 - What's so important about Lynn Hoffman?  What Michael White thinks of Lynn Hoffman's book, Winning Acclaim, Lynn Hoffman around the World, Introducing Kiernan O'Rourke-Phipps, Therapy Metaphors, The Postmodern Paradox, Some Lynn Hoffman passages, Lynn Hoffman on PMTH,

March 23, 2002 - There's an Event in the Works!, Lynn Hoffman's New   Book Has Implications for Living, Do postmoderns believe in Evil?, A Beautiful Mind, Can You Transvaluate This?, Something Steven Gans Said, What Else We're Talking about.

Feb 1, 2002- On Our Understanding Each Other or Not, Creative Listening and Understanding, My Visit with Lynn Hoffman, Two Kinds of Social Construction.

Dec 1, 2001 - Hard Times Part 1 (the story of 09/11), My Brush with Terror (by Don Smith), Hard Times, Part II,
What Else We Talked about, Does One Size Fit All?, Ken Gergen's New Book, The Lyotardian Event,

Nov 1, 2001- Postmodern therapists on American War, How Things Strike Me in California, Let Me Tell You about Edward Said, Upclose and Personal with Edward Said, Please Tell Me about Jean Baudrillard

Oct 1, 2001 - What 911 did to PMTH, The Hawk and the Dove, What We Talked about After 911,

Sept 1, 2001 -  What about those five red apples?, What We Said about those Five red apples, Three Ethical Theories,

Aug 1, 2001 -  Strawberry patches and the wizard of oz, Our Thoughts about Truth, Talking about Conversation, Non-content analysis, Conversation Analysis

July 1, 2001 - Rom Harré was Here!, Grammar and Language Games: How They Fit together For Wittgenstein, Privileging Persons, Rom Harre on Change,  Harré and Strawson, Privileging Persons, Rom Harré on Change.

June 1, 2001 - The Reification of Self-1, Can One Person Ever Be Two?, Are Postmoderns Nuts?, What's After Self-1, From Now Until Rom Harre visits Us, Deconstruction on the Internet, The Self as a Grammatical Fiction, Is Harre a Realist?, Realism:  What is it? (by Jerry Shaffer), The Narrative Self in Postmodernity, Postmodern Geriatrics.

May 1, 2001 - Our Battle against Our Bewitchment, If a Client Has Secrets, What Should a Therapist Do?, Meet PMTH Subscriber John Walter, Reflections and Conversations about a Networker Case Study (by John Walter), What Does Bakhtin Offer Therapists?, What I Didn't Tell You, Getting into Postmodern Thought, Postmodern Geriatrics

April 1, 2001 -  Is Wittgenstein a behaviorist?  Is there a Beetle in our Box (or Is Wittgenstein a Behaviorist, Part II).  Is There a Beetle in Our Box, What we Said, Meet PMTH subscriber Scott Cole,  Meaning and Postmodernism, Psychological Tests, Is Anybody Else Saying this Stuff?, What about the Box?

March 1, 2001 - Fred Newman was here!, Do You Know What Analytic Philosophy Is?, Elmer and Ellen: New Imaginary Conversations, New Discourse Software for Us!, Is Wittgenstein a Behaviorist? (Part I),

February 1, 2001- On the importance of listening to modernist theories, Our upcoming visit with Fred Newman, Trustful Talking, Writing Elmer and Ellen, Two imaginary conversations, Learn Postmodern therapy in Mexico.

January 1, 2001 - Sound on PMTH NEWS, The importance of the imaginary, Writing Elmer and Ellen, My Adventures with Napster, Elmer and Ellen at Dinner, Meet Floyd Langner: An Honest but imaginary person, Tom Strong's New Paper, What's Hot in the New Therapist?, A Glimpse into the Future (an article about sound books), What Happened to American Democracy, Want to Join us? , What to Read Past Issues of PMTH NEWS?

December 1, 2000 - On the Death of the Author, Author Deconstruction on PMTH, The Evolution of Our Imaginary Projects, Meet Elaine and Elmer, A Report on a Postmodern Conference, Postmodern Education of Therapists, Want to Read Past Issues of this Newsletter?

November 1, 2000 - Tiotoling Lives On, The Deathof Books?, A History of the Term "Postmodernism", Meet Frank andFran, Want to Join with Us?

October 1, 2000 - Quote at the top (an article onthe introduction of new ways of talking), externalizing and internalizing (TomStrong), Maturity (Jerry Shaffer), Locating the Therapist in a Postmodern Gameof Show and Tell (Jude Welles), Want to Join with Us?, Who said that? (a gamethat PMTH subscribers have been playing), Can you Tiotol a Sopal?

August 31, 2000 - What to do With Our Urges; MyAdventure into PMTH (by Jude Welles);  Following Our Bliss; Want to ReadOther PMTH NEWS articles; APA 2000 according to Riet Samuels; APA Symposium with PMTH Presenters (by Riet Samuels) Humanity at the Digital Crossroads (byRiet Samuels); Online Therapy Symposium (by Riet Samuels); Performance inTherapy Research (by Tom Strong)

July 29, 2000 -McNamee and Lannamann event, what happened?; The Event Conversation: Invitation to a Conference (with Harlene Anderson); Get your copy of the New Therapist!; What Does Wittgenstein Mean by "language"? Comic Parody in OurImaginary Therapy;  Potters, Gardeners, Shepherds and IrreverentDetectives;

June 29, 2000 -What is happening in Barb's therapy?  Our agendaless talk?  The Lyotard quote (on "self"),  Getting ready for the McNamee Event,A contingent of PMTHers at APA, What's up with Jack and Jill, Our AgendalessTalk,

June 1, 2000 - About Our New Name, How Can Doing Imaginary Therapy Help Therapists Do BetterTherapy, An Exciting New Vision, My Personal Meeting with Ludwig Wittgenstein,The Status of Judy Weintraub's therapy with Barb, The status of our imaginarytherapy, What Listeners Think of Our Imaginary Therapy, An Interview with theTherapist of Imaginary Clients Jack and Jill.

May 11, 2000  - Did you miss the Gergen review?, My question for Ken Gergen, Ken Gergen's response to my question, My reflections on Ken Gergen's answer, Remember OurImaginary Clients?, Imaginary Case Notes: Two Approaches to Talkative Jack,Imaginary Case Notes: Can Not-Knowing Be a Metanarrative?, Imaginary CaseNotes: Transvaluations Everywhere, Negative Capability, Philosophical Postmodernism (Tony Michael Roberts).

April 20, 2000 -What's all the fuss about? (about Ken Gergen's book), Introducing Sheila McNamee, Social constructionism and the Deconstruction of the Real (by Sheila McNamee), The PMTH imaginary caseload, Missed an issue of PMTH NEWS?, Racing through Wittgenstein at two miles an hour, The Ken Gergen Event Happened - SoHow Did It Go?, Constructing a Therapeutic Language (Val Lewis), Poetic Activism as a Reason for Optimism.

March 30, 2000 - My reflections on my PMTH reflecting team experience (Val Lewis), What's happening with Jack and Jill now?, Is this a bridge we can build to Zen? (TomStrong), Special Event - for Ken Gergen, A Deconstruction Quilt, My question for Gergen is a question for you!

March 9, 2000 - PMTHgets imaginary clients, Our fickle definitions (a discussion of Ken Gergen'snew book, An Invitation to Social Construction), Are therapists Experts onLiving (by Tom Strong), What's up with the New Therapist, Starlight therapy,Want to join PMTH?

Feb 17, 2000 - AnotherPMTH reporter (Val Lewis), Is There Wisdom in Postmodernity? (by Val Lewis),Captives of Confusion (essay on Wittgenstein), Can You Hear Our Pagan Yelps,Welcome to My Idioverse, Making Space (by Tom Strong) , Come Read with Us, KenGergen on the Key Threat to Therapy,

Jan 27, 2000 - Whatdoes logic have to do with postmodernism? On the Nature of Truth, an article onthis editions's quotation of Nick Drury - which is about provisional definitions of language, Why we Became Postmodern (by Tony Mickaels), IsPostmodernism a Metanarrative?, More on the New Therapist,

Jan 06, 2000 - Onthe "Not yet said", about today's quotation (by Donald Spence) on deadening metaphor , Postmodern Politics, Should Mental Diagnosis Imply aParticular Therapy?, New Therapist, The Wizard of New Zealand

Dec 16, 1999 - Dopostmoderns need training wheels?, Postmodern politics, Question of the Day,Today's Quote (about Wittgenstein's thought that philosophizing wastherapeutic), See you in the next millenniium, Looking around the corners oftime, Poetry or Narrative.

Dec 02, 1999 -  social poetics, introducing reporter Tom Strong, PMTH conversation about social poetics, Mel Snyder on social poetics in therapy, Rorty's response to PMTH, a note on reflecting teams, about today's quote, Ian Parkerdeconstructing psychotherapy, Another PMTH baby.

Nov 17, 1999 -Where is Richard Rorty?  Lynn Hoffman speaks in New York; Wittgenstein, Lyotard and Auschwitz; Betraying your Teacher; Today's Quotation; In Comes theRescue Troops; Postmodernism in Texas (Houston-Galveston Institute); Your Question of the Week; Announcement of Conference on Qualitative Research.

Nov 4, 1999 - Objectivityas a demand for obedience, Here's a futuristic fantasy for you, Where isRichard Rorty, Klaus Deissler and Social Poetics, The State of myAccountability, More Busy Days on PMTH, A New Derridean Term,

Oct 22, 1999 - McNameeand Gergen's new book on Relational Responsibility, PMTH conversation withRichard Rorty, Lynn Hoffman on reflecting teams, Klaus Dessler's speaks aboutSocial Poetics, Online Therapy, Question of the Day, My New Book Proposal, PMTHWhen the Days are Not Quiet, Accountability.

Oct 07, 1999 - An Event: A visit from Richard Rorty and a discussion of his paper on the "quest for wisdom," online therapy, Richard Rorty in quotable passages. New Constructivism Website, PMTH on a quiet day.

Sept 23,1999 -My adventures with Hoffman and Olsen, What did PMTH talk about in my absence, Two New PMTH babies

Sept 1, 1999 -Deconstructing binary thinking, The Dream of a Perfect Language, A Borderzone for the Postmodern Study of Jung, Are they Listeners or Lurkers? Meet Riet Samuels and Kathy Birkett. What Fosters Generous Listening? More on Social Construction.

Aug 18, 1999 - Our New PMTH Subscribers, Agonistics is Not Good Enough, Glenn Larner Reviews Derrida, A Conference You Might Really Like, More on Our Tool Bar, Shaffer's Joke, The Wittgenstein Readings.

Aug 04, 1999 - Previous editions of PMTH NEWS, the Loyal Husband, McNamee & Gergen, Bateson andLogical Types, Ruse or Tack or Device, More on Lois Holzman's book, A Summaryof Lyotard.

July 21, 1999 -Lyotard'sParadox. How to Fight Metanarratives, Postmodern Architecture, Want to Catch MyTypos?. Val Lewis Battles Metanarratives, Another Medical Site,. The DialogicUnconscious, A New Column Coming Soon. A Paraphrase of Ingram, Next issue of aNew Magazine. Lynn Hoffman Joins PMTH. John Morss & Lois Holzman. PMTHRoundtable, A New Magazine

July 07, 1999 - Controversial Topics, Lynn Hoffman Joins PMTH, John Morss and Lois Holzman,Postmodern Architecture, PMTH Roundtable, A New Magazine,

June 24, 1999 -Lois Holzman's new book, Controversial Topics, Abduction, Jerry is Coming toTown, Incommensurate Discourses.

June 02, 1999 -Therapy and the Postmodern Predicament, Plato, the Sophists, and Postmodernism, A Taste of Derrida, Put Therapy in Historical Context.

May 26, 1999 -Val is coming to town, Our Conversational Threads, Glenn Larner Writes of Derrida, Some Thoughts on Derrida.

May 19, 1999 -Glenn Larner writes of Derrida, Threads in PMTH Conversation, Inventing Idioms,Microdialects, Language Constraints, A Paralogy Listserv, Lluis Botella's Work.

April 28, 1999 -John Morss' book, a paraphrase of Lyotard's last two pages of the PostmodernCondition, Wittgenstein on sense, Our Conversational Threads, The PMTH searchengine, The roots of postmodernism, Another Tool, For your reflection.

April 14, 1999 -The Maturana Thread, Is Rorty Postmodern?, A Differend in Postmodernity, InAppreciation of Karl Tomm, Another Tool, A Parable on Normality, Differends.

February 24, 1999 -Should the text stand alone? Resisting the text? Tool and Result, Mick Cooper'snew book, Ken Gergen and Appreciative Inquiry, An Invitation from KenGergen,  the Wittgenstein readings, the PMTH Greek dictionary, I'm Back!My Newman Holzman experience, II the Newman/Holzman experience,